Mummy Daycare
74 Jekils Bank
Holbeach St Johns
PE12 8RF

Tel: 07725 168461 or 01406 540152




Full time: 06.00am - 18.00pm

This times can be negotiated should the need arise. Please contact me to discuss.

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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), is how the Government and early years professionals describe the time in your child’s life between birth and age 5.

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Childcare providers play a key role in supporting children to develop healthy eating habits, working in partnership with parents to provide a balanced diet for children.

We all know that a healthy diet for children now can help to combat ill-health later in life.

That’s why, where children are provided with meals, snacks and drinks, they must be healthy, balanced and nutritious.

Before a child is admitted to my setting I ask the parent/carer for information about any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies that the child has, as well as any special health requirements.

Fresh drinking water is of course available and accessible at all times.

Although you are welcome to supply your own food, I am happy to provide food and drink for all children in my care.

Balanced Meals:

I provide healthy, balanced meals including one home cooked meal each day.

Healthy Snacks and Drinks:

Additionally a selection of healthy snacks are offered and I ensure that fresh drinking water, milk and sugar free squash is available at all times.

Special Dietary Requirements:

I will willingly discuss and hope to accommodate any dietary requirements.

Social Mealtimes:

I promote sharing a meal together as a social time, enjoyable for everyone. High chairs and appropriate cutlery are supplied for younger children.

Below are some examples of the meals I serve, the menu will vary  each week and can be tailored to the individual child.

All lunches are home made.


Toast, Crumpets, Various Cereals, Yogurt and Fruit, Pancakes


Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, broccoli, roast potatoes / mash

Sausages, chips, beans

Spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread

Chicken, rice and veg

Fish, chips and peas

Roast chicken wraps and salad

Jacket potatoes with cheese/beans/tuna and salad


Sandwiches cold or toasted

Hot dogs and chips

Cheese and tomato pizza

Sausage rolls or cheese and onion rolls

Beef / Chicken burgers

Nuggets or goujons

Hummus and cucumber and carrot sticks


Chocolate pudding with custard

Ice cream


Fairy cake


Crackers and slices grapes or cheese


Fruit Platter

Rice cakes



Balanced, nutritious food and snacks

An alternative will be provided daily to meet the children’s allergy and dietary requirements. Vegetarian and vegan substitutes are also provided daily.